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Making purchasing and managing eHerkenning easy


Z login is a certified provider of eHerkenning. Companies and organizations need eHerkenning (Dutch for 'electronic identification') to log in on websites of the government in the Netherlands. In the near future all government websites will use eHerkenning as way of logging in.

With Z login, companies and organizations can purchase and manage their eHerkenning. Companies can set permissions for their own employees, but eHerkenning can also be used to authorize third parties to for example apply for a building permit on the company's behalf. With the growing importance of eHerkenning and more and more users, I was asked to help with the redesign of the onboarding and the management module.

The challenge

Before I started with the project, the first steps had already been taken by BURO TIJS, the agency I worked with for this project. They defined the use cases for both the onboarding as the management module and iteratively designed wireframes and mockups based on that. Keeping the experiences simple and clear was one of the main challenges of the project, because of the complexity of the product and all the involved requirements and regulations.


The process

After helping with finalizing the wireframes and mockups and optimizing the UX, my main responsibility was to create the visual designs. Our aim was to work as effectively as possible, which we did by creating an extensive component library in both Sketch as in HTML/CSS. By doing so, we could easily build each use case in an efficient way.


The new designs were implemented in 2019 and the project is still ongoing - we continue to design and build new features for the management module of Z login.

The result

With the redesigned onboarding and management module Z login is ready for further growth. The new user friendly experience led to more efficiency for the back office, shorter response times and longer subscription periods.

Learn more about eHerkenning (in Dutch).

Apart from the Z login dashboard I also designed their support website and contributed to the design of the main website


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